About Us

Mandorla Integral Wisdom

Our Mission

At Mandorla Integral Wisdom our Mission is to contribute to the ushering in of this New Reality of Love for humanity.

At a time when the dividing chasm between polarized peoples, cultures and nations seems to be widening daily with no real unifying hope in sight – and the meta-crisis is ever expanding, we ALL are called on now more than ever in history to do our parts to contribute to the preservation and evolution of humanity.

What is a solution to such a massive problem? How do we create connection, understanding, empathy and compassionate action in the face of global pain and ever increasing conscious separation?

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We believe Love is the way. Not love as a platitude or pie in the sky concept - we’re saying a radical approach to Being Love in our lives. Profound Love. Radical Love. Outrageous Love.
How do we achieve this?

With an integral approach to our development.

We do the individual inner work that opens us to powerful expressions of Love. We become Lived by Love! To usher in a new paradigm of reality, don’t we need a shared field of value for humanity? What if that shared field of value is Love? What becomes possible when Love is the currency that brings us all to the table to close the chasm of disconnection and polarization?

Our intent is to create this through education, individual and group transformation, and collaboration in contribution for an ever evolving integral, loving world.

Embodying the Mandorla Magic

In fall of 2022, we were divinely guided to the sacred physical location of what is now Mandorla Integral Wisdom, our new home and ranch. It was after relocating here that we began to connect into the sacred space, the land and our greater mission. This is where we come together, where we heal, grow, and transcend. Mandorla is not just a physical place; it’s a space with each of us where we can hold the tensions of duality in Love and peace. Mandorla, serves as a beacon, guiding you to your own inner light, breaking free from the chains of limitation and stepping into your Unique Self and fulfilling your unique mission.

Meet Scott

Hi, I’m Scott Jackson, co-founder of Mandorla Integral Wisdom. The path to the realization of this sanctuary of love has been a crucible of deep surrender, healing, interior development and spiritual awakening.

My Journey to Sovereignty

On April 9th, 2003, a pivotal moment of surrender carried me into a journey of recovery and spiritual awakening. From an atheist with a life-threatening addiction to discovering a benevolent presence beyond the veil during a near-death experience, my life took a turn towards the spiritual path that I ultimately surrendered to.

Guided by teachers like the late Mark Houston, my quest for divine connection deepened. I was drawn to the profound wisdom of various spiritual traditions, from Ashtanga Yoga to Sufism to Shamanism, to Mystical Christianity, and more under the guidance of my beloved friend and teacher, Munishwarji. This eclectic spiritual education, combined with the transformative power of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and the developmental insights of Integral Theory, have been instrumental in shaping my approach to personal and collective evolution.

Awakening the Sovereign King

Today, I’m passionate about empowering men to embody the Sovereign King, dawning a new paradigm of masculinity. This transformation demands the healing and integration of our masculine and feminine energies and the transcendence of boyhood psychology. Enabling a mature, sacred, and awakened expression of masculinity.

Join Me

If you are called to wake up, grow up and show up in your life in your greatest expression, embody the Sovereign King, and fulfill your life’s Unique Mission, join me. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey of healing, integration and awakening.

Scott is a teacher and wisdom keeper for the Mahavatar Babaji Lineage. He’s a Master Evolutionary Coach and mentor, a Master Trainer of NLP, Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis Trainer, NLP Coaching Trainer, PACE® Trainer as well trained and practiced in multiple coaching modalities.

Meet Joanie

Hey there, beautiful soul! I’m Joanie Shakti Dhillon, your guide on this wild, cosmo-erotic, journey back to love. My life has been a journey of deep growth and profound transformation. Ever since I was a kid, communing with the tree spirits in the woods and feeling the pulse of the earth beneath my feet, I knew there was magic in the mundane, a luminescent thread weaving through the fabric of our lives. I carried this Knowing with me into adulthood.

Then came a moment—a day that flipped my world upside down and inside out, May 1st, 2021. In the span of just a few hours, my heart was cracked wide open and I became a channel for something far bigger than me. My mind reeled, trying to grasp the ungraspable as divine wisdom poured through me, a wild, untamed river of light and Truth. This wasn’t just an awakening; it was a rebirth, a stark, brilliant reminder that we are so much more than this physical existence.

But with great light often comes deep shadow. The years that followed were like walking through a dense, unending fog. My identity, once so tightly interwoven with achievements and external validation, began to unravel thread by thread. I was adrift in a sea of uncertainty, unable to recognize the person I had become. The world I knew, filled with drive and clarity, dissolved before my eyes.

I found myself in a cocoon of transformation, a metamorphosis that stripped me of my old skins and left me bare. Making money, conducting business, the very essence of moving through life—it all seemed alien to me. Mary, my spiritual teacher, whispered words of patience during my darkest hours, reminding me that I was on the operating table of the soul, undergoing a divine surgery.

For three long years, I battled with my newfound gifts, my sense of self, and a life that felt overwhelmingly scary.

Then, slowly, a sliver of light pierced through the darkness. I emerged, reborn with a new vision, new values, and a new way of being that was foreign yet deeply authentic. The old paradigms no longer served me. In their place was a softness, a heart so wide open that it could embrace the sky. This journey back to myself was the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced, yet it forged me into the vessel of love and service I am today.

Let’s Dive In Together

If your heart is whispering (or maybe even shouting), “Yes! This is it!” then I warmly invite you to join me. Whether we connect one-on-one or in the collective energy of a group, together, we’ll journey back to love, to a life that flows with ease, marked by moments of pure, unadulterated joy.