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We guide you on a transformative journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth, so you can passionately fulfill your life’s unique mission.

Our Mission

At Mandorla Integral Wisdom our Mission is to contribute to the ushering in of this New Reality of Love for humanity.

At a time when the dividing chasm between polarized peoples, cultures and nations seems to be widening daily with no real unifying hope in sight – and the meta-crisis is ever expanding, we ALL are called on now more than ever in history to do our parts to contribute to the preservation and evolution of humanity.

What is a solution to such a massive problem? How do we create connection, understanding, empathy and compassionate action in the face of global pain and ever increasing conscious separation?

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We believe Love is the way. Not love as a platitude or pie in the sky concept - we’re saying a radical approach to Being Love in our lives. Profound Love. Radical Love. Outrageous Love.
How do we get there?

With an integral approach to our development.

We do the individual inner work that opens us to powerful expressions of Love. We become Lived by Love! To usher in a new paradigm of reality, don’t we need a shared field of value for humanity? What if that shared field of value is Love? What becomes possible when Love is the currency that brings us all to the table to close the chasm of disconnection and polarization?

Our intent is to create this through education, individual and group transformation, and collaboration in contribution for an ever evolving integral, loving world.

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Welcome to Mandorla Integral Wisdom

Joanie and Scott, the founders of Mandorla Integral Wisdom, are committed to the Evolution of Love for the individual, society, humanity and the cosmos.

Their philosophy is grounded in the teachings of integral theory, emphasizing the importance of an integral approach to individual psycho-spiritual development to support conscious evolution in the individual and humanity as a whole.

With a passion for Love, Evolution,and Service they have created a nurturing environment that supports individuals, groups, and companies evolve through individual as well as collective stages of development.

Their teachings, retreats, and workshops offer transformative experiences, integrating disciplines of eastern and western spiritual and psychological developmental practices.

Joanie and Scott’s commitment to Love, personal transformation, and the evolution of consciousness for humanity makes Mandorla Integral Wisdom a beacon for those seeking healing, expansion and spiritual awakening.


In-Person | Online

Evolutionary Integral Coaching

Work with Scott and Joanie to discover and embody the highest expression of your unique self, to cultivate your unique gifts and show up in the world to fulfill your unique purpose.



Join us for deep healing, exponential growth, and expansive awakening in an intimate group setting at Mandorla Ranch in the beautiful mountains of Western Montana.


Virtual Experience

Join The Mandorla Integral Development Community and learn about our upcoming developmental cohort launching soon!

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Sean Tanner
Sean Tanner
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It's pretty crazy how life works. When I was 1st approached by Scott the goal was to reinvigorate my distribution team. It was great to see that in order for this to work we should work on me 1st. Its still hard to explain but FREEDOM may be the best one word description. My outlook on life has come full circle. My focus is sharp as an arrow and fear of conflict is GONE!!!
Kyle Shelley
Kyle Shelley
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So just really a tremendous, tremendous impactful training, and I don’t even like using the word ‘training’, it was something that was much deeper, much more profound in terms of something that changed me in a way that I felt needed to be changed but I was struggling to find kind of the right conduit of resources to do that.
Aja Lauren Ramirez
Aja Lauren Ramirez
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Scott’s approach has masterful precision. He has honed an ability through practice, paired with an incredible sense of intuition to tap into what each individual needs to find their breakthrough. The experience was custom, impactful, and patient enough to allow the highest version of each person to surface. Scott is a total life changer!
Jessica Bonini
Jessica Bonini
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Hi Scott! I hope you are doing so well! I wanted to reach out and just say thank you so much for the excellence you provided during our trainings. I have felt so prepared for this training and I can feel myself shifting every day. It's Obvious to me that you go above and beyond for your students and I'm grateful to have you as a coach, mentor, and friend. Thank you!
Karli Engblom
Karli Engblom
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Thank you for being my amazing teacher. Because of the tools I have learned in the specific way that you taught me, I have been able to discover the resources I needed inside myself to be able to be as open as I feel for this training I'm in now. Thank you for caring enough for me that you took your time and energy to help me through a pivotal moment in my life and assist me to the other side of that, very skillfully.
Richie Torrance
Richie Torrance
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If you want to see your life shift from incredible to phenomenal, I encourage you to dig in and go through this piece of work with Scott Jackson. With our first session, we were able to move me through some of my biggest hang-ups that challenged me for a majority of my life - the results were sincerely miraculous. Simply can't put a pricetag on the power that comes from this process!
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